Download Apental Calc APK Latest Ver 2020 (Auto Liker)

Download Apental calc Apk 2020, As we all know in the Internet Era, and the social media world. everyone is getting touched with each other on social media and everyone want the maximum numbers of likes on your facebook pages, post, and even photos.

As a daily routine, we all have often seen pics on the FB with huge numbers of likes and that’s the wonder how is it possible to get high numbers of likes such as a short time.

Apental is a Facebook auto Liker Hence,  It is proved that whole social gathering revolves around Facebook, the other social networks like Instagram, tweets, and google plus is not one-third of Facebook traffic. Apental Apk Facebook Auto liker is the best choice to use in this Internet era.

well, keep in mind you’re all a headache is done from now because Apental calc is a software which will make you a billionaire in the like reaction and much more on FB world.

With each moving day, the numbers are steadily growing and now, in line with the reports, Facebook is just about the only website, which gets trillions of strikes within a month. So, becoming famous for cultural media effects a great deal on your professional, educational, and economic life.

You have just need to be Download the Apental Apk App from our link which one we had provided on our page with you can find easily it’s just the Download Button like that. And Then Install it in Your Device That’s it.

If you want to improve your business, you should make a page relate to your business on a Facebook page, Produce some videos and put on social media pages, you’ll be famous within time. So, if you aren’t getting the huge amount of likes, responses, on your account or page, then you need to use this Apental calc app.

surely you will be amazed at the results, you will get very instantly. just Not only that everyone can also Easily with the different contests on facebook with the highest numbers of likes, reactions so what else we need more.

Apart from profile pics on facebook and you have the also luxury to get numerous numbers of Apental auto comments, page likes and also followers. This is the Incredible Software for Android users without any doubt with multiply your online presence and assuredly we all can take lots of benefits from that. Honestly, its the best Auto facebook auto Liker on the internet at this time.

How to use Apental calc?

To utilize the Apental App, you should download the application from the below-Given Download, from the hyperlink below. And set it up on your device; now start to get likes, and shares.

Before installing it on your device, you should change the security environment of your Smartphone. When you are downloading with side load, google play store wouldn’t allow you to set up this without proper authorization. So, change the environment by tapping on the setting up, secure environment, and check the unknown sources button. That’s it.

You can develop your business to the degree of success just with the using of this app Amazing App. I would like to recommend it to anyone to make use of it so you can get huge impressions. So, touch the download button below, and download Apental calc software Apk file. If the download hyperlink is no longer working or showing mistakes, comment down in the section. So, our team can fix the challenge at the earliest opportunity.

Forgetting the likes for a moment, first, you need to improve some profile setting up of your Facebook account. You should need to make your account setting to the general public rather than personal or friends. In this manner, you’d be in a position to get plenty of impressions on your account and Facebook web-page so for safer.

Its Also Available 100% Free For All Kinds Of Android Users.

apental calc

 Features Of Apental App 

  • Get unlimited Fb likes and comments on Any profile.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • You can also get unlimited shares of your pics by this software.
  • For the Facebook page likes and shares, it’s the best available tool.
  • It’s absolutely free for All.
  • No hidden charges are.
  • It will not consume any battery of your SmartPhone.
  • you will not face any issues on your device during installation.
  • You can also use it to get the likes, comments, and shares for any other FB user.
  • Smooth and easy to work.
  • Oozes a lot of compactness.
  • Regularly updated.
  • Best Facebook Auto liker for free.

 How to Install and use it? 

  • First, download the apk file from our link.
  • Then go the installed app and open the Facebook auto liker.
  • Now, the app will take you to the Facebook profile you logged in it your mobile.
  • Select the photo or page you want to get likes on it.
  • Click on the “Want to like This” button for unlimited real likes.
  • The last step is to sit back and enjoy the magic of Apental Fb auto liker.

 Apental APK File Details 

Filename Apental Calc APK
Size 4.0 MB
Specifications: Works on Facebook Twitter G+
Version V 3.5 (Latest Version)
License Type Freeware
Restrictions No
System Requirements All Android Devices
Cost 110% Free

You must have to change the Fb settings from private to public in the post-privacy. The pic should be set as public in order to get unlimited likes and comments from this app

Why use Apental Calc:

There are so many key features of this outstanding application for all Android users. This gives you 100% sure security which you really deserve. So now comes to the security assurance, if you are trying so many other apps and trying to get likes but not successful.

Then you must try this one and I bet to say that this one will change your social lifestyle better than ever. The app simply gives the highest priority to their users to save them from many online security issues.

As the app already identifies to give you the most powerful functionalities. Use of the advanced technology to handle each and every situation smartly within a new way of this technological age.

The most important thing is that the app will never spam you and gives you fake likes for your photos. It always makes sure to give real and original likes from real human being’s profiles. There are no spammy things or trick likes, this is the purely natural way of exchanging likes instantly.

There nothing to do with your self to exchange likes with other people or you can force the people to like your things. You just have to Download the Application of Apental Calc from the download button you can find the link on this landing page. Easily go for the Apk file which is at just a single click ahead to start the download for you. Also, Check How to Frp Bypass Works.

The App is small in size and fast to download right away. Once your file is being completely saved on your Android device. Just run the file to start the installation process, make sure to allow this app to make the necessary installations on your phone.

No matters you are using any Smartphone, A mobile phone or any Android tablet you have. Simply finish the whole process and now it’s ready to go time. After the successful installation, you can see the Apental Calc app icon on your phone’s home screen. Launch it by tapping on it and start to become a part of Apnetal’s family.

However, there is not a trick or you have to perform a huge task to obtain the likes in this matter. You open the App and give the details of your Facebook account to log in. Once you successfully log in, you can choose your photo on which you require the impressions or likes. In other words, you can say it a very effective Facebook photo auto liker. This is the perfect answer if you are searching for how to get free likes on Facebook photos.

Anyways proceed to the next step by click on the picture of you from your Facebook gallery. Once you choose any of your favorites, you can see the large green button at the bottom.

Press that button for further process and wait for a moment while it collects some of the likes for your concern picture. You can go to the tutorial article here to learn how to use Apental.

After a while, it will deliver your likes and you can watch them on your photos likes to counter. This is the way where you amazingly grab some extra likes of your demand.

So feels free to give your feedback in our contact us sections and have a great day. You can try again and again for increasing the number of likes on each moment. Get more likes every day you want to get and finally Happy auto likes.

Apental calc APK download free:

Download Apental calc auto Liker from the link below, which we have given to you already, tap the download button and get the file, I hope the download link would be working fine.
If not then, you should comment down in the section by mentioning the issue, our team will take notice of this, and will update the link soon. Apentalcalc auto liker application, do not charge any amount, or not force you to subscribe or do not put download charges on users. This application is free auto Liker, and it has been free, and it will be free. You can use the service as many times as you wish. But, share the auto Liker to your friends, to help them in getting impressions on Facebook.

Apental Facebook Auto Liker:

We already have given a download button, tap the button and get the file, hope the link would not hurt you, if there is a problem in getting auto likes using Apental calc auto Liker, please comment down in the section.

So many users are getting like on their profiles from all over the world. They increase their popularity among Facebook friends and enhance the user experience by Apental online. The main aim of this facebook auto Liker is to give likes to your timeline posts on any matter Download Button for Apental

You can gradually increase the number of Impressions day by day. For some years Apental Calc is the mod demanding App for Android and as well as for the social lovers.

The social media platforms become more interactive and engaging in popularity nowadays. millions of people spend precious time online with their concerns.

Some of them just using it for entertainment purposes, while others may use it for their business growth. Even the best way to spread their beneficial products and brands to the entire world. Including all this we are going total about is somehow much important and reliable.

Why is Apental not working?

If you are facing any issue in getting the likes of results successfully. So many things like you have the public settings for the picture you want to get. Now one thing is here I am going to share when you are stuck at any point. Make sure that you don’t do like your picture at the time you want to get likes with this App. So you have to first unlike your own picture and after that, this will work fine.

After installing it on your mobile phone, launch it on your phone, and provide your Email ID and password, do not hesitate in providing the real profile. No one is going to hack your account, steal your data or spam your account.

Apental Calc

auto liker is one of the famous, most used and trusted sources of providing auto impressions on Facebook. And a great number of people trust in this application, so do not be hesitate, there is no risk of getting auto likes on your profile, on your status and images.

Now, you have all set up to get auto likes, auto comments, and auto shares. Just log in using that Apental calc auto liker application, do not hesitate in providing the ID and password. Nothing is going to happen to your ID or password, no one is going to post spam on your behalf or steal your personal data.

Plus provide a number of impressions as well, the maximum amount should be unknown. The app randomly gives you likes different numbers. There is no maximum and no minimum amount if fixed. So you don’t have the guts to exceed this number. In other hand, Facebook got so much restriction nowadays for exact numeric likes.
When you want to get likes on the particular pictures on your Facebook profile. It should require the public setting must enable on that picture you want to boost likes. As you can say it is the best and free Facebook Like generator. people may be going to buy FB likes for their posts and pages. If you have your own Facebook page then you might get 500, 1000 and so on up to infinity number.

Major Functions

A few of the advanced functions of Apental Facebook vehicle likers the following:

Unlimited likes:

I understand it is very difficult to process the actual fact that it is possible to boost the number of likes, reviews and shows on many sociable media systems including- Facebook and Instagram. However, when you mount the application it is possible to accumulate many likes and stocks.

Increase supporters:

With the aid of Apental Facebook automobile likers, you’ll get to boost your supporters on your Facebook and Instagram bank account.


Apental Facebook automobile likers are designed for free on the application market. It gets really disheartening when some program requests you to spend a degree of money and you do not feel like spending anything from your pocket simply for using this application. Unlike such apps, likers are for sale to free.


The application actually has a user-friendly user interface meaning even an officially disabled person can certainly understand the functions of the application and may easily access the software without facing any trouble.

Android back up:

As a matter of known fact, the maximum variety of smartphone users uses an android device which is a nice thing about it that Apental Facebook automobile likers Apk helps all the android devices available for sale.

Is Apental Makes Your Device Slow?
The app is small in proportions and fast to download immediately. Just after your file has been completely kept on your android device, you need to run the Apental in order to get started on the unit installation process. Ensure that you allow this superb app to make the necessary installations on your telephone.

It doesn’t matter at all that you are employing any tab, smartphone, or any android OS tablet you have. After you complete the process of the installation, you will become capable of viewing the Apental calc great app icon on your mobile phone’s home screen. You can open it by clicking the icon and after that, you will become part of Apnetal’s family.

However, there isn’t a strategy or you have to execute a huge process to get the likes in this subject. You are required to open up the application and provide the requested facts of your Facebook account to log in. Once you efficiently sign in, you can pick your picture on what you need the impressions or likes. Quite simply, you can say it an effective Facebook picture automatic like. The Apental is actually the perfect answer if you are interested in getting free likes on Facebook photographs.

Just after you decide all of your favorites, you can view the large green colored button. You can press that button for even more process and wait a moment for the purpose of allowing the app to collect a few of the likes for your chosen picture.


Apental is my favorite tool for Getting Facebook likes and Comments. It’s 100% secure without any privacy issues. Overall, a complete package and a Gift for every Fb user. In the market, there are tons of different auto likers available but it is by far the best and free as well. So, thumbs up from my side.